At Which Destination will you find your True North?…

We invite our guests to find their bearings in one of our destination domes.  Which experience you choose is entirely up to you!  

True North Destinations is a 5 acre oceanfront property! Our Dome names are location and surrounding are inspired! All domes have ocean views, unobstructed and some with partial obstruction. The good news is, no matter dome you choose to stay you are oceanfront! All domes offer the same amenities and square footage, the only difference between our dome are the names and interior decor.

The Sea-Spray experience are nautical style destination domes that capture the local fishing industries of lobster and crab. These domes are cliff side which will allow for oceanfront viewing of lobster boats hauling their gear in season and whale watching from your deck.  Inhale the salty sea air and take in the island views.  

The Driftwood experience are beach style destination domes that capture the combined rugged yet gentle coastline of Pleasant Bay.  These domes are also cliff side, where you can listen to the waves crash on the shore below and closest to beach access via our pathway to the ocean.

The Boreal experience are forest style destination domes. A name that is inspired by the bountiful vegetation of the surrounding Cape Breton Highlands National Park and still have ocean views!   

The Highlander experience are Island style destination domes located on the highest elevation of our property TND. These domes will boast spectacular ocean views, and capture the island's ancestral Scottish and Irish flair!   

The Abbey experience is Tibetan style destination domes in honor of Pleasant Bay's monastery, capturing the Tibetan Buddhist culture The Gampo Abbey has long been dedicated to.

Our domes will be equipped with extreme framing for our guests comfort and safety and to handle the snow and wind loads Cape Breton has to offer.  

Bay windows will provide amazing ocean views and sunsets with small round windows to allow for added natural light and ventilation if needed.  Our thinsulate liners will help keep the domes cool on warm days and warm on cool days.  Each dome will also have an eco-friendly heating and cooling system.

Star gazing will be an option through a roof top skylight.

Dome sizes are 30' providing an intimate couples experience and space for families that may need the extra room with 700 square feet of interior living space. Private decks, luxurious Queen sized beds, 3 piece baths, Fully equipped kitchenettes, dining/living room area, hot tubs, BBQ’s, Privacy pergolas and Wifi are just some of the luxury features we are excited to offer our guests while maintaining the outdoor experience of a geodesic dome with spectacular ocean sunsets and mountain sunrises. 

Pictures to come of each Dome experience as we continue through construction! 

Stay tuned for more updates and developments. 

Your Cape Breton Dome Destination,