Spring on the Island

It looks like winter is behind us and Spring has arrived on the Island!  Things are moving at TND and the community of Pleasant Bay.  We have completed our survey and soil testing and will be moving onto site plan development.  We are excited to be working with Jeff Feigin of Highwater Holding Company Ltd to help us create our environmental and ecological conscious plans!  This week was the beginning of the local lobster and crab fishing seasons and thanks to The Cape Breton Pilot Whale Project we have some amazing footage of the fishing vessels departing Pleasant Bay Harbor on the official setting day.  Lobster traps are set in strings (a set of more that one) or individually along the western Cape Breton coastline each year between May and June.  It's the best time for fresh local lobster!  Pleasant Bay is home to the fishing industries of both lobster and crab as well as the whale watching industry, both have always coexisted beautifully and add to Cape Breton's culture.