Domes are Enroute!

Hey Everyone!

Journey Update! We have been working hard at True North! All 10 domes foundations are in the ground! That’s right, True North Destinations will be home to 10 Eco-geodesic domes for your travelling pleasure and a Yoga Dome! Decks start this Monday, our doors have been ordered and most importantly our Domes have cleared customs and are en route!! Our supplier, Pacific Domes are the leading builders of Eco Resort Shelter Systems and we couldn’t be happier to work with them in order to offer our guests the best possible stay while you visit the Cabot Trail. October will be a big month for us onsite with installation taking place! My family and I are so excited to see our idea and concept come together in our home town of Pleasant Bay.

Please enjoy this video from Pacific Domes that offer you a glimpse of the experience to come at True North Destinations!

Tanya, David, Lane, Halle & Ryder