Hamsa. Highlands, Whole Between.

For those of you connecting with us and following along as we journey forward, we want to thank you! As you are aware we recently announced our plans for The Highland Holistic Retreats.  Today I will give you some insight, focusing on the yoga and meditative aspects of the wellness experience.

The regimens for our practices are inspired by the Gayatri Mantra.  An ancient, sacred mantra that pays tribute to the divine light.  We will align our yoga practice with the sun and incorporate these ancient elements to modern day practice with sunrise yoga of 108 vinyasa flow sun salutations.  In the evenings we will align our meditation sessions with the sunset.  The inspiration of following our inner compass at True North Destinations ties into the Sat Nam Mantra.  Sat meaning Truth and Nam meaning Identity.  Sat Nam will be our meditation mantra as we honor the divine light and true identity in each of us.  

We have created an original symbol for our retreats that encompass its' entirety.  Each retreat guest will receive our Hamsa. Highlands, Whole Between tee or tank. 

I look forward to the privilege of partnering with some amazing individuals who will guide us through these practices, allowing us to strip away the noise and distractions of life in order to connect with nature and our true selves.  Stayed tuned for announcements on our team of Trailblazers! 

Your True North Awaits,