Highland Holistic Retreats

At TND we are inviting our guests to find their bearings and True North at our destination domes.  To add to our unique plans we are working hard to provide an unforgettable experience consisting of restorative and energizing activities that will leave you feeling balanced, connected and revitalized!  Check in regularly for exciting announcements and details on our one of a kind retreats.  Pleasant Bay is a jewel surrounded by The Highlands and The Gulf of St. Lawrence.  It is also home to The Gampo Abbey, a western Buddhist monastery on the Shambhala tradition.  The Abbey is guided by its principle teacher Pema Chodron.  

Disconnect to Reconnect in Pleasant Bay on The Cabot Trail.

I will leave you with a breathing space video from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday featuring Pleasant Bay's Gampo Abbey and Principle teacher Pema Chodron.

Your True North Awaits.