Who We Are

Let me introduce myself! My name is Tanya Hinkley. I have created True North Destinations in order to share the beauty of my hometown and everything the Cabot Trail has to offer with the world. I grew up in Pleasant Bay on the Cabot Trail and spent several years working in the tourism industry as a whale watching guide/receptionist, travelling daily over the French and Mackenzie mountains to go to school and work! My family and I know it is such a special place and believe that everyone should experience the sun rise over Robert’s Mountain, watch the sunset over the Gulf with your toes in the sand, watch the lobster fishermen haul in a catch while sipping coffee cliff side (you could also head down to Pleasant Bay Harbor and buy some!) walk the skyline trail, swim under a waterfall,have a close encounter with some whales, take a tour of the Gampo Abbey or spend an evening around a camp fire. The best moments of my life have been making memories with my family and want to help others create unique lasting experiences with theirs. Everyone from home knows that no matter where life takes them, our hearts truly never leave the island, which is the story behind our name. Our inner compass has always brought us home to Pleasant Bay. My family and I invite our guests to find their True North at our destination.


Tanya, David, Lane, Halle & Ryder