We Are Raising The Bar!

Hey Everyone!

Journey update from our True North Team! We are raising the bar on dome accommodations, literally! The team is busy with construction of the first destination dome, so I thought I would take the time to give you, our future guests, a little more information on how we have set out to offer the best in quality and safety!

TND Domes were built by Pacific Domes, the original manufacturer of geodesic domes worldwide, based out of the US and have been in business since 1980.

The Standard .92” galvanized steel framing offers dome structures that can withstand wind loads of 100-150 mph as well as 20 pounds per square foot of snow loads with 130 mph winds.

At TND we raised the bar and and went even further, fitting our domes with the strongest, highest quality galvanized steel frames of 1.9" (These are Pacific Domes Extreme Frame systems) Doubling the thickness and strength of our domes!

We have also equipped our domes year round with interior winter liners for insulation! These liners are water resistant, fire retardant as well as mildew and mold resistant!

Our Dome Decks have been engineered with an in ground foundation of Heavy Duty Marine Grade Timber, Joists and Galvanized brackets for stability and security. Ocean front side of the decks will be equipped with privacy fences on either side, to help with wind and allow for privacy while in your hot tub or while sipping your morning coffee.

Air quality for our guests is most important! We have teamed up with our local inspector and a local ventilation company to create a clean air ventilation system suited to our dome needs. It will be equipped to move over double the calculated CFM per dome without losing our heat on cool days and a/c on those hot days! What does that mean for our guests? Clean air with clean heat and air conditioning!

Our domes will have Fiberglass Entry doors equipped with commercial grade Deadbolt Key less Entry systems, allowing easy access for our guests while offering the Best Grade in Security, Durability, and Finish!

Each Destination Dome and our site has fully functioning water and septic systems as well as electricity! We strive to offer the amenities of luxury vacation while being eco conscious, equipping ourselves with modern water sense toilets and shower heads that save on water usage while maintaining top quality performance.

Stay tuned for more details on dome and site amenities! We look forward to sharing this experience and creating a dome away from home for our guests!

Your True North Awaits,