Welcome May!

Hi Everyone!

Things are moving along steadily at TND! We wanted to let our future guests know that when you fill out the reservation form on our website you will receive a reply through our encrypted email system called Proof Point. It protects your information may be directed to your spam folder if not recognized! We had a few guests inform us so please check your junk or spam folders as our replies may have been directed there! Keep an eye out for Proof Point: True North Reservations!

We are in an all hands on deck mode for the next month as we work towards final touches and interior details, stay tuned for updates and pictures!! We are looking forward to showing you the results of all the talented, amazing people who are working hard with us to provide you an experience you’ll always remember!

Since we are on the topic of reservations you can check out our experience package online as well!


Your True North Awaits,


Welcome To The Sunset Side

Did you know that the west side of Cape Breton Island is known as The Sunset Side? As the saying goes the sun rises in the East and sets in the West! What does that mean for our guests? You get the best of both worlds. Watch the sun rise over Robert’s Mountain with your morning coffee or tea and watch it set into the Gulf of St. Lawrence from your private hot tub or viewing deck! The entire west side of Cape Breton Island offers spectacular sunsets, that’s one thing all of our communities have in common! The west side runs from the Canso Causeway, up route 19, 219 and The Cabot Trail until you head towards Dingwall. Meat Cove, the most northern community on the west side has amazing sunsets as well! We would like to share with you an image from The Inverness County Activity Guide that highlights the sunset side communities of the Island! To give you a taste of these beautiful sunsets please enjoy these pictures taken in The Cape Breton Highlands National Park and Pleasant Bay, captured through the lens of talented artist Michel Soucy.

Welcome to The Sunset Side,


Wicked Winds & Whales of November

Hi Everyone!

It’s been another busy month for our True North Team! With the weather not so favorable for a good part of the month, work was done when possible and we are ready to tackle the dome covers in the upcoming two weeks! The island had plenty of wind, rain, snow and whales! That’s right, the crew has had the privilege of viewing whales cliff side as they worked. Breaching and lob-tailing! I have to say, we may have the best office view out there! We have also added a nice little weather widget straight from The Weather Network to our site so visitors can see up to date temperatures and information in Pleasant Bay! Our power poles have been installed by NSP and our underground electrical work has been inspected and approved!

We have also started the process to work with Nova Scotia Tourism and the Canada Select program to offer our guests a unique and quality stay with us! We have so much to share and look forward to helping our guests create lasting memories with the ones they love.

Welcome December.


The image that started it all. My parents knew that I had been looking for something just right in our home town. We found it.

The image that started it all. My parents knew that I had been looking for something just right in our home town. We found it.

We Are Raising The Bar!

Hey Everyone!

Journey update from our True North Team! We are raising the bar on dome accommodations, literally! The team is busy with construction of the first destination dome, so I thought I would take the time to give you, our future guests, a little more information on how we have set out to offer the best in quality and safety!

TND Domes were built by Pacific Domes, the original manufacturer of geodesic domes worldwide, based out of the US and have been in business since 1980.

The Standard .92” galvanized steel framing offers dome structures that can withstand wind loads of 100-150 mph as well as 20 pounds per square foot of snow loads with 130 mph winds.

At TND we raised the bar and and went even further, fitting our domes with the strongest, highest quality galvanized steel frames of 1.9" (These are Pacific Domes Extreme Frame systems) Doubling the thickness and strength of our domes!

We have also equipped our domes year round with interior winter liners for insulation! These liners are water resistant, fire retardant as well as mildew and mold resistant!

Our Dome Decks have been engineered with an in ground foundation of Heavy Duty Marine Grade Timber, Joists and Galvanized brackets for stability and security. Ocean front side of the decks will be equipped with privacy fences on either side, to help with wind and allow for privacy while in your hot tub or while sipping your morning coffee.

Air quality for our guests is most important! We have teamed up with our local inspector and a local ventilation company to create a clean air ventilation system suited to our dome needs. It will be equipped to move over double the calculated CFM per dome without losing our heat on cool days and a/c on those hot days! What does that mean for our guests? Clean air with clean heat and air conditioning!

Our domes will have Fiberglass Entry doors equipped with commercial grade Deadbolt Key less Entry systems, allowing easy access for our guests while offering the Best Grade in Security, Durability, and Finish!

Each Destination Dome and our site has fully functioning water and septic systems as well as electricity! We strive to offer the amenities of luxury vacation while being eco conscious, equipping ourselves with modern water sense toilets and shower heads that save on water usage while maintaining top quality performance.

Stay tuned for more details on dome and site amenities! We look forward to sharing this experience and creating a dome away from home for our guests!

Your True North Awaits,



Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone!

The team has been working so hard on site and behind the scenes at TND. Septic, water and soon electrical will be checked off the to do list! All to make a luxury unique geodesic dome experience for our guests. We want to thank everyone that has been and continues to be part of the journey with us. This weekend we take a pause and spend time with family to start the new week refreshed and ready to conquer what’s next! Dome frames, covers and liners are all onsite. October will be a big month and we are hoping to get ahead of the winter we know is coming! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Tanya, David, Lane, Halle & Ryder


Domes are Enroute!

Hey Everyone!

Journey Update! We have been working hard at True North! All 10 domes foundations are in the ground! That’s right, True North Destinations will be home to 10 Eco-geodesic domes for your travelling pleasure and a Yoga Dome! Decks start this Monday, our doors have been ordered and most importantly our Domes have cleared customs and are en route!! Our supplier, Pacific Domes are the leading builders of Eco Resort Shelter Systems and we couldn’t be happier to work with them in order to offer our guests the best possible stay while you visit the Cabot Trail. October will be a big month for us onsite with installation taking place! My family and I are so excited to see our idea and concept come together in our home town of Pleasant Bay.

Please enjoy this video from Pacific Domes that offer you a glimpse of the experience to come at True North Destinations!

Tanya, David, Lane, Halle & Ryder

Hamsa. Highlands, Whole Between.

For those of you connecting with us and following along as we journey forward, we want to thank you! As you are aware we recently announced our plans for The Highland Holistic Retreats.  Today I will give you some insight, focusing on the yoga and meditative aspects of the wellness experience.

The regimens for our practices are inspired by the Gayatri Mantra.  An ancient, sacred mantra that pays tribute to the divine light.  We will align our yoga practice with the sun and incorporate these ancient elements to modern day practice with sunrise yoga of 108 vinyasa flow sun salutations.  In the evenings we will align our meditation sessions with the sunset.  The inspiration of following our inner compass at True North Destinations ties into the Sat Nam Mantra.  Sat meaning Truth and Nam meaning Identity.  Sat Nam will be our meditation mantra as we honor the divine light and true identity in each of us.  

We have created an original symbol for our retreats that encompass its' entirety.  Each retreat guest will receive our Hamsa. Highlands, Whole Between tee or tank. 

I look forward to the privilege of partnering with some amazing individuals who will guide us through these practices, allowing us to strip away the noise and distractions of life in order to connect with nature and our true selves.  Stayed tuned for announcements on our team of Trailblazers! 

Your True North Awaits,


Highland Holistic Retreats

At TND we are inviting our guests to find their bearings and True North at our destination domes.  To add to our unique plans we are working hard to provide an unforgettable experience consisting of restorative and energizing activities that will leave you feeling balanced, connected and revitalized!  Check in regularly for exciting announcements and details on our one of a kind retreats.  Pleasant Bay is a jewel surrounded by The Highlands and The Gulf of St. Lawrence.  It is also home to The Gampo Abbey, a western Buddhist monastery on the Shambhala tradition.  The Abbey is guided by its principle teacher Pema Chodron.  

Disconnect to Reconnect in Pleasant Bay on The Cabot Trail.

I will leave you with a breathing space video from Oprah's Super Soul Sunday featuring Pleasant Bay's Gampo Abbey and Principle teacher Pema Chodron.

Your True North Awaits.

Spring on the Island

It looks like winter is behind us and Spring has arrived on the Island!  Things are moving at TND and the community of Pleasant Bay.  We have completed our survey and soil testing and will be moving onto site plan development.  We are excited to be working with Jeff Feigin of Highwater Holding Company Ltd to help us create our environmental and ecological conscious plans!  This week was the beginning of the local lobster and crab fishing seasons and thanks to The Cape Breton Pilot Whale Project we have some amazing footage of the fishing vessels departing Pleasant Bay Harbor on the official setting day.  Lobster traps are set in strings (a set of more that one) or individually along the western Cape Breton coastline each year between May and June.  It's the best time for fresh local lobster!  Pleasant Bay is home to the fishing industries of both lobster and crab as well as the whale watching industry, both have always coexisted beautifully and add to Cape Breton's culture.  


The Photography of Michel Soucy!

Hi Everyone! We have partnered with Michel Soucy! A local talented artist to help us capture and showcase the beauty of our island and area!  All Banners on our site are his photography.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more of his work on our site. Check out his Facebook page and website where you can order your very own piece Cape Breton Island's beauty as captured through his lens.  

Your dome destination,


Who We Are

Let me introduce myself! My name is Tanya Hinkley. I have created True North Destinations in order to share the beauty of my hometown and everything the Cabot Trail has to offer with the world. I grew up in Pleasant Bay on the Cabot Trail and spent several years working in the tourism industry as a whale watching guide/receptionist, travelling daily over the French and Mackenzie mountains to go to school and work! My family and I know it is such a special place and believe that everyone should experience the sun rise over Robert’s Mountain, watch the sunset over the Gulf with your toes in the sand, watch the lobster fishermen haul in a catch while sipping coffee cliff side (you could also head down to Pleasant Bay Harbor and buy some!) walk the skyline trail, swim under a waterfall,have a close encounter with some whales, take a tour of the Gampo Abbey or spend an evening around a camp fire. The best moments of my life have been making memories with my family and want to help others create unique lasting experiences with theirs. Everyone from home knows that no matter where life takes them, our hearts truly never leave the island, which is the story behind our name. Our inner compass has always brought us home to Pleasant Bay. My family and I invite our guests to find their True North at our destination.


Tanya, David, Lane, Halle & Ryder


At Which Destination Dome Will You Find Your True North?

At True North Destinations we are raising the bar on the dome experience and we have big plans!

Did you know that geodesic domes are "the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” -The American Institute of Engineers

Our Destination domes will be equipped with heavy duty framing to handle the snow and wind loads Cape Breton has to offer, with the help of some beautiful spruce trees.   Bay windows will provide amazing ocean views and small round windows will allow for added natural light inside and ventilation if needed!  Our thinsulate liners will help keep the domes cool on hot days and warm on cold days, each dome comes equipped with a solar powered fan and will also have eco-friendly heating and cooling system (stay tuned for details).  Some domes will offer star gazing through a roof top skylight!  

Our sizes will be divided up into 24' and 30'  domes providing square footage ranging from 425 to 700 square feet. Perfect for an intimate couples experience and space for families that may need the extra room! 

Now that you have a sneak peek into the dome aspect, we are thrilled to provide some insight on the destination aspect.  Each dome will be destination themed!  What destination you choose to have your dome experience in is entirely up to you!  Beach, Sea, Forest, Japanese or Tibetan (in honor of Pleasant Bay's Gampo Abbey and their dedication to the Tibetan Buddhist culture.) Keep checking in regularly for updates and details on our True North Journey!

We look forward to meeting you there.




The Calm after the storms: Winter on Cape Breton Island!

Winter is alive and well on the island! So much so that some true Nor'Easter's put a delay on our landscaping plans but we didn't let that stop us from taking in the activities close by! North Highlands Nordic boasts 5 different levels of cross country skiing on groomed trails, rentals are available on site!  This winter activity is family friendly and located a short 29 km scenic drive over the North Mountain from True North's Destination Domes! The red trail offers beautiful views of the mountains and water, a must see!  Check out the links below to see how you can embrace winters on Cape Breton Island.  Keep checking in for updates and information on our journey! 


Eco Awareness, Luxury & Travel, with a feeling of home.

Today I am proud and excited to officially announce True North Destinations and its concept! The Cabot Trail's only resort style, eco-luxury, geodesic dome experience with much more features to be revealed along the way, here and on our instagram page! True North reflects and encompasses all the elements in life I am truly passionate about and want to share. Eco awareness, luxury and travel with a feeling of home.  Follow our journey to True North, my family and I hope to meet you there. 


We... Are... Excited

Thank you for stopping by our brand new website.  We are really getting the ball rolling and we are excited indeed.  There are new developments to True North Destinations literally every day and we would be tickled if you came along with us in our journey by checking us out here on our website blog and on social media.  As you can imagine we will be posting revealing news throughout the coming months with pictures, details on construction, aquisitions, features, pricing... dome camping on Cape Breton's jaw dropping coast...  
click below and say hello... we'll keep you in the loop...we'd like to hear your thoughts too!